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Please provide as much additional info as possible and a quantity for each item you require.

Toiletries   Household  
  Toothpaste   Kitchen Towels
  Soap (liquid)   Napkins
  Shaving foam   Hankies
  Razors (disposable)   Washing-up Liquid
  Deodorant   Dishwasher Powder
  Sun Lotion   Dishwasher Rinse Aid
Bakery     Toilet Cleaner
      Toilet Paper
  Bread   Floor Cleaner
  Rolls   Washing Powder Whites
  Croissant   Washing Powder Colours
  Tortilla Wraps   Jif/Cif
  Cake   BBQ Charcoal
  Biscuits   Matches
  Pitta Bread   Fire Lighters
  Doughnuts   Candles
      Fly Killer
Frozen   General goods  
  Ice Cream (tub)   Breakfast Cereals
  Ice Cream   Cornflakes
  (Magnum/Cornetto pack)     Honey
  Vegetables   Jam (please specify)
  Please specify     Crackers
  Fish Fillets   Crips bread
  Prawns   Dried fruits
  Pizza   Peanuts
Dairy & Eggs     Pistachio Nuts
  Milk (fresh)   Rice
  Milk (Long life)   Nachos
  Cream   Crisps
  Yoghurt (plain)   Pringles
  Yoghurt (fruit)   Breadsticks
  Butter (salted)   Salt
  Butter (unsalted)   Pasta (specify type)
  Margarine Spread   Instant coffee
  Mayonnaise   Tea Bags
  Cheese   Ovaltine
  Eggs   Drinking Chocolate
Drinks     Tomato Purée
  Water (5 L)   Ketchup
  Orange Juice (1 L)   Olive Oil
  Tomato Juice (1 L)   Oil (cooking)
  Pineapple Juice (1 L)   Vinegar
  Apple Juice (1 L)   Mustard
  Beer (Portuguese 33cl x 6)    
  Beer (imported) Fruit & Vegetables  
  Cola (1 L)   Lettuce / Mixed Salad
  Lemonade (1 L)   Red/green peppers
  Red Wine   Tomatoes
  (Table Wine under 3 €/bottle)     Cucumber
  Red Wine   Cabbage
  (DOC under 8 €/bottle)     Carrots
  White Wine (dry)   Celery
  White Wine (medium)   Courgette
  Port   Aubergine
  Muscatel de Setubal   Mushrooms
  Martini (Red)   Asparagus
  Martini (Bianco)   Corn on the cob
  Martini (dry)   Potatoes
  Gin   Onions
  Vodka   Oranges
  Whisky   Apples
  Brandy (Portuguese)   Avocado
  Cognac   Lemons/limes
  Bacardi (or equivalent)   Bananas
  Vinho Verde   Mango
  Tonic Water   Pears
  Ginger Ale   Strawberries
Deli   Meat & Fish  
  Ham   Chicken portions
  Paté   Whole Chicken
  Salami   Pork chops
  Olives   Pork steaks (bifanas)
      Pork loin
Cans/Tins     Beef burgers
  Red kidney beans   Mince
  Chickpeas   Lamb chops
  Baked Beans   Turkey steaks
  Soup (please specify)   Fish portions
  Sardines   Sardines
  Tomatoes   Salmon steaks
  Anchovy Fillets   Smoked salmon
      Stock cubes
      Other fresh fish
Late Arrival      
  Sandwich Plate Snack for   persons    

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