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Fridge Filler Service

Pre order your food shopping needs, using our comprehensive list and find it delivered to you and neatly stacked. No need to immediately slog around the shops. It's your holiday after all !
Click here to fill in your shopping list.

Minimum order value € 100.00
Administration and Processing Charge is €59.95 minimum(dependent on time spent)
Terms: Pre payment with order or from client account

Send us your itemised list by filling in the Shopping Form and give us as much information as possible about your preferences and personal tastes.
If you prefer a particular brand or type we will do our best to supply it. (Some brands are not available in Portugal ) Where not specified we will choose a good average quality.
Wherever you add further notes we will follow your direction where possible (i.e. if you add the word decaffeinated after our listing for coffee then we will respond accordingly).
When we receive your complete list, we will advise the exact value for payment and instructions for transfer.

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